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Matilda II Sea Trip in Sardinia Contacts  
La Madonna del Naufrago

A very special snorkeling.

L’Isola dei Cavoli

Discovering a truly magical place.

Punta Molentis Beach

Una spiaggia che ti rimarrà nel cuore.

About us

The sailing ship Matilda

MATILDA II is a 22-meter sailboat equipped with a schooner.

The schooner Matilda II was launched in Cagliari in 1999. The lines of the hull, the type of sail and the stylistic choices regarding the seafaring equipment, are those of a type of sailing boat used by sailors Americans of the last century: the "schooner". It was used when qualities such as easy sail handling and speed were required. The hull is made of steel and the masts and the deck finishes were made from wood.

Two large auricles and two jibs make up the sails. Two hundred and twenty square meters of canvas that push it making it reach 10 knots in the stiff breezes, frequent in the Gulf of Cagliari.

It is longitudinally divided by watertight bulkheads which, by separating the spaces below deck, isolate the engine room from the living area that follows it. You can enjoy all the spaces of the boat, from the cockpit sheltered to the stern, to the central hall. Two comfortable toilets equipped with sink and W.C. are also available to customers. marine. Shade and shelter from any rains are guaranteed by large fixed and removable awnings.

Only the maneuver at anchor is automated, all the others are carried out using hand hoists: we are firmly convinced that this adds interest to our excursions, making the time spent on board more pleasant and smooth. Of course, guests are exempt from work and maneuvers. “MATILDA II” is powered by a large marine diesel for travel in the absence of wind.

The boat operates in Sardinia and is completely dedicated to the activity of sea trips in the Gulf of Cagliari and in the waters around Capo Carbonara, center of the splendid natural scenery of the marine protected area of ​​Villasimius.

From April to October, with bookings single or for groups, interesting and pleasant sea excursions in the company of a competent and hospitable crew can be made.

Please feel free to contact us for further information.

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About us

The crew

Roberto Murgia

(+39) 340 0676054

Leonardo Casula

Delight your palate

Our menu

  • Malloreddus alla campidanese (Sardinian gnocchi with tomato sauce and sausage)
  • Seasoned sausage
  • Pecorino cheese
  • Carasau bread.
  • Stuffed biscuits
  • Water
  • Wine
  • Coke
  • Coffee
  • Myrtle of Sardinia

Organize your events with Matilda!

Private parties, receptions, aperitifs and special occasions will be made even more unique on board our sailing ship.


Isola dei Cavoli

Matilda will take you to discover a truly magical place. It is a small granite island that rises from the sea less than 1 km from Capo Carbonara. Here is the impressive still active lighthouse, built in 1856, incorporating within it the pre-existing and seventeenth-century Spanish watchtower. Furthermore, from 2020, for the first time the Lighthouse opens to the public and it will be possible to visit it inside every day.


La Madonna del Naufrago

Dive from Matilda and enjoy a very special snorkeling. In fact, Matilda will take you to the exact point where the famous Madonna del Naufrago is located, a work made in pink trachyte from Ozieri by the famous artist Pinuccio Sciola from San Sperate (CA). A sculpture over 3 meters high that offers a moment of unforgettable charm and charm.


Punta Molentis Beach

A beach that will remain in your heart. Punta Molentis, sheltered from winds and sea currents, is immersed in a typical Mediterranean vegetation with juniper, cistus and mastic, enriched by tamarisk trees, where partridges and wild rabbits find refuge. Today with limited numbers to preserve its beauty, it is part of the protected marine area of ​​Capo Carbonara and is distinguished by very fine white sand, shallow and crystalline waters. A little curiosity: on the promontory overlooking the beach of Punta Molentis, once stood the Nuraghe of Punta Molentis of which the remains remain today and from where you can admire this wonderful panorama.

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Costs & Reservations

Tutti i giorni, dal 30 aprile al 30 settembre, la MATILDA II salpa dal Marina di Villasimius alle 10,00 (termine ultimo per l’arrivo a bordo) per farvi ritorno alle 16,30.

Except for problems due to scarcity or excess wind, navigation takes place under sail.

It is an excursion suitable for everyone: the marine qualities of the boat, its speed and the careful study of the routes guarantee its success.

Not all six hours of the journey are spent on board. In fact, there are two anchorages in sheltered waters where, whoever wishes, can disembark with the tender to visit the places reached. The first is Isola dei Cavoli ; you get there around 11.30. Here, after swimming and walking ashore, the crew offers lunch to guests and, after a final coffee and myrtle, navigation proceeds to the second stage: Punta is Molentis . After the stop, navigation back and arrival at the port at 16.30.

Cost of the excursion (lunch included):

Dal 01/05 al 30/06

Adulti € 70 - Bambini € 70

Dal 01/07 al 30/09

Adulti € 80 - Bambini € 80

Capo Carbonara

The Marine Protected Area

The Marine Protected Area of ​​Capo Carbonara, located at the south-eastern end of Sardinia, is divided into two large bays (eastern and western) by the granite promontory of Capo Carbonara and the Isola dei Cavoli.

In this stretch of coast there are environments of coastal cliffs, sandy coasts, wetlands and reforested environments. The diversity of the coastline is essentially determined by the wave motion that incessantly and together with the wind exerts the erosive and smoothing action. 

The wind is a characteristic feature of the area which, together with the sea and seasonal streams, carry sediments, feeding the coasts with precious "sands".

The area is characterized by an alternation of small and large beaches set between the rocky promontories, which are the continuation towards the sea of ​​the rocky ridges belonging to the Serpeddì - Sette Fratelli granite massif (historical-geographical region of Sarrabus).

It is to the incessant and cyclical process of demolition of the rocky substrates, powered by the wind and the energy of the masses of water (the waves), that the presence of the white beaches must be connected.

An incessant and complex cycle based on two opposing forces: the "demolition and reconstruction", in which the Posidonia oceanica that beach forms heaps called "banquettes". 

This cycle performs the fundamental function of attenuating and regulating the distribution of sand between the emerged and submerged beach, holding it back and then releasing it naturally.

The presence of the beaches which are the main economic value of Villasimius but also the symbol of the naturalistic excellence of the Marine Protected Area is due to this function of damper or dissipator of the energy of the sea, performed by Posidonia.

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